Wayne J. Bingham Designer


Applied Experience

Tom's Greenhouse

Don Anderson (former executive director of Wasatch Community Gardens) invited Wayne to present photographs he and Colleen had taken for the Strawbale Home Plan book to workshop participants. He also joined others for a delightful day of strawbale raising. Don and others finished the building before fall.

1000 SF Timber Frame
Fillmore, Utah

DeClerk/Dominick Residence

Wayne conducted a two day weekend workshop with Keri and DeWitt and a dozen participants to assemble 75% of the bales in a 1600 square foot residence. The frame and roof had been constructed prior to the workshop allowing for building without concern for weather.


1600 SF Post and Beam
Clyde Park, Montana

Smith/Bingham Residence

Having experience in workshops and designing houses for others, we decided to walk the talk and do a straw bale home for ourselves, from design to construction to occupancy. We have had a wonderful time and moved into the completed home in the summer of 2006.

2002 -2005
1156 SF Post and Beam
Teton Valley, Idaho

This greenhouse, restroom and learning center serve a community garden. We conducted two workshops, one strawbale and one timber frame during October 2004. Additional finishing work took place Spring 2005. The greenhouse will be heated passively with south oriented windows and roof. Strawbale walls provide insulation and the thermal mass inside will retain heat.

625 SF Post and Beam
Salt Lake City, Utah

I was invited to conduct a four day workshop to install straw bale wall panels in an office/education building designed by EDA architects. Workshop participants completed the work in four days with great gusto and enthusiasm, from installing bales to finish plaster.

600 SF Wall Panels
Ogden, Utah

Susanna's House for Needy Children

Colleen and I worked on this straw bale house designed by Christopher Stafford on two different occasions. Load bearing, earthen plastered with a lime finish on the exterior.

1000 SF Load Bearing
Rhodes, Greece

Smith-Bingham Garden Wall

Enthused and excited after attending my first straw bale workshop, we constructed a concrete block garden wall and plastered it with an earthen plaster that included clay, sand, wheat paste, and linseed oil.

Residential Garden Wall
Salt LakeCity, Utah

Straw Bale Workshop Construction Experience

at the Canelo Project in Arizona with Bill and Athena Steen

Canelo, Arizona