Wayne J. Bingham Designer


Lifestyle Preferences

Entrance Areas
  • Entry separate or integrated into main living space
  • Locations
  • Amount of coat, boot and umbrella storage needed
  • Size

Living Space

  • Discuss ambiance you wish
  • Full of natural light or dark and quiet
  • Size - small and intimate, or large for entertaining and gathering of guests
  • Openness or closeness to dining and food preparation spaces
  • Living style:
    · Couch potato
    · Active discussion, entertaining, etc.
    · TV watching or not
    · Quiet place for reading of books
  • Furniture preferences:
    · Couch(s)
    · Chair(s)
    · Tables
    · Antiques - clocks, cupboards, amoires, etc.
    · TV or entertainment center cabinetry
    · Fireplace or stove
    · Piano or other musical instruments
  • Office space or alcove with furniture required
    · Credenza(s)
    · Desks and Chairs
    · Tables
    · Books -amount and preference for storage and accessibility

Food Preparation Area

  • How do you use the space?
    · Is it a place where the family and guests gather during meal preparation to socialize?
    · Is this a center of family activity or a separate place to accomplish single task of meal preparation
    · Do you like to prepare meals alone, with others out of your space?

    · Is to be a family kitchen with table in the food preparation area or dining area separate?

    · Describe degree of separation.
  • Can the space be open to other areas? Living Room?
  • Describe your natural and electrical lighting and acoustical needs.
  • Describe storage needed for pots, pans, dishes, and food.
  • Discuss finishes you want, counter tops, cabinets, floor, etc.
  • Describe the appliances you feel are necessary
  • Stove preferences:
    · combination cook top with integral oven,
    · separate cook top and oven,
    · number of ovens,
    · Electric, natural gas, propane, coal, wood, other
  • Refrigerator Preferences:
    · Electric or propane
    · Small, medium, large
    · Commercial or residential
    · Freezer on top or bottom or side by side
    · Utilize existing or buy new
  • Separate freezer Preferences:
    · In kitchen or separate location
    · Upright or chest
    · Electric or propane
  • Dishwasher or hand wash dishes?
  • Other major appliances

Dining Space

  • Discuss ambiance you wish to enjoy
    · Relaxed meals filled with conversation
    · Convivial center of enjoying friends and meals together
    · Eat quick and get on with other pressing matters
    · Formal or informal atmosphere
  • Construction and enclosure preferences:
    · Built in banquette,
    · Free standing dining table and chairs or
    · Bar extension of food preparation area with stools
    · Separate from living space or open to it
  • Preferences for natural and electric light
  • Other features that come to mind

Sleeping Space

  • Discuss ambiance you wish to enjoy
    · Light filled or dark and secluded, preferences for windows
    · Small and cozy or large with other furniture in room
    · Is dressing integral to room or separate from sleeping room
    · TV watching preferences
    · Music extent and speaker preferences
  • Discuss furniture needed in bedroom:
    · Dressers, cedar chests, chest of drawers in room or in separate dressing area
    · Exercise equipment in room or not
    · Specific furniture preferences:
    · Bed - king, queen, double, twins, other
    · Rocking chairs
    · Sofas, overstuffed chairs, etc.
  • Discuss adjacencies and openness of:
    · Dressing areas
    · Sitting and conversation areas
    · Bathroom
    · Outdoor access for sleeping, private garden, etc.

Dressing Area

  • Integral with clothes storage or separate
  • In sleeping room or separate room
  • Adjacency preferences to bath and sleeping spaces
  • Size: amount of hanging, shoe storage, shelf space, etc.
  • Preferences for natural light and electric light

Bathing Area

  • Large with separate compartments for toilet, sinks, bath, shower
  • Single space with all fixtures
  • Fixture preferences:
    · Bath (large, small, Jacuzzi, hot tub, etc.)
    · Shower (In bath or separate)
    · Water closet
    · Sinks - how many?
  • Medicine cabinet requirements
  • Natural and electric light preferences
  • Discuss preferences for towel and bathroom supplies storage
  • Mirrors - large or small